Bracket Systems

Epsilon 1

The Epsilon 1 is a 2-piece 80gauge mesh-base bracket system, specially designed for orthodontists who prefer a 2-piece bracket system. Its comfortable height at tie-wing allows easy and secure ligation. Coupled with an excellent bond strength stability, the Epsilon 1 makes an excellent choice of bracket system for clinicians.

Epsilon 2

The Epsilon 2 is a low profile mini-twin bracket design developed to ensure maximum patient comfort. An enhanced design from the first Epsilon bracket, the Epsilon 2 is a one-piece design, metal injection moulded to ensure increased strength and durability. Smooth and rounded tie wings provide added comfort, with each bracket going through an elaborate polishing process for an aesthetic and enhanced shine. The base of each bracket have been contoured to provide an improved fit on tooth surfaces.

Papillon 1

The Papillon 1 is a polycrystalline bracket designed to offer clinicians great value and function at an economical cost. The off-white shade of the ceramic is suited to the shade of your tooth enamel for a natural look. The Papillon 1 also offers patients an aesthetically pleasing orthodontic experience at a lower treatment cost.

Polaris 1

The Polaris 1 is a single-crystal bracket system that offers crystal clear aesthetics for discerning patients. It offers the benefits of a non-visible orthodontic treatment with enhanced patient comfort.

Bands, Buccal Tubes, Attachents

Bondable Non-Convertible Tube (0000)

Introducing Innobrace's newest Bondable Non-Convertible Tube (Torque: 0o Angulation: 0o), a low profile tube which increases patient comfort and aids clinical usage. This latest design has improved features such as funnelled entrance for easier insertion of arch-wire, positioning guides for ease of posterior placement, integrated hook for increased strength and a wide 80 gauge mesh pad for higher bonding strength.

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