Epsilon NLB - What are the advantages to orthodontists?


What is the innovative feature of the NLB system?

All traditional and SLB bracket systems utilise a rigid bracket arch wire slot. When an arch wire is inserted, the force from the arch wire is directly and completely transferred to the tooth through the bracket. If the force is excessive, the tooth will be subjected to unwanted pain and movement will be negatively affected. In our NLB system, if an excessive force is applied by the arch wire, the arch wire slot walls will flex to moderate the force that is directly transmitted to the tooth. The force level is reduced and spread out over a longer period of time to ensure that the force on the tooth is always gentle and continuous. In clinical situation, this means that the clinician can progress to rectangular arch wires earlier in treatment. The movement of teeth on the arch wire can still be done with a 3-dimensional control even if not all teeth are aligned.  

Is the insertion and removal of arch wires faster?

Undoubtedly the insertion and removal of arch wires can be performed more expeditiously with the NLB system. When inserting and removing rectangular arch wires, a rocking movement will ease the arch wire into and out of the brackets in an instant.

Is there any need for special pliers?

There is no need to use special pliers for removal. Chair side time is significantly reduced when using NLB system.

Does the NLB come with hooks on canines and premolars?

No. It is not necessary because the wings of the bracket can be used to attach power chains and elastics. Elastomeric modules can also be used if required and in instances where rotational control is important.

Are there any recommended arch wire sequence?

NLB is designed to help orthodontists to speed up the progression of arch wire thickness and stiffness without compromising on patient comfort. 

Orthodontists are able to continue to use the same arch wires that they are used to. However, the first alignment arch wire is recommended to be no smaller than 0.016" NiTi because the opening of the slot in the 0.022" system is 0.015". 

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