The Innobrace journey since 1996 has been an interesting and fruitful experience for me and my team. Launched in 1996, we are one of the first, if not the only, Singapore company who design, develop and locally manufacture a comprehensive range of orthodontic brackets under our own brand.

Personally, I have been in precision engineering & manufacturing for the last three decades and have a marketing background for introducing these technologies to industries. I was able to work with the founding partners at Innobrace to facilitate and amalgamate both my process engineering experience and material science knowledge with the doctors' innovative ideas for product designs. 

As most readers will know, there is a growing demand for cosmetic dentistry as confirmed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in their survey findings in 2012. This is not surprising as a pleasant and symmetrical smile greatly improves look and self-esteem. With this in mind, Innobrace has dedicated immense research with industry experts, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) to develop a revolutionary one-piece Roth-Type Bracket device without metal clips or a need for elastomeric devices.

We are pleased to introduce to you first-hand our new Epsilon range of Non-Ligating brackets - A product that we believe may be the apex of material science and process engineering as this looks set to change the industry's orthodontic treatment scene. Game changing technology is now within your reach. 

~ Mr. Allan Lai

Founder & Managing Director

Innobrace Orthodontics Pte Ltd


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